FCPGM [Fight Coach, Psychotherapist, Gym Momma]

FCPGM030: The Roaring 20s?

May 08, 2021 Liam-Og Griffin, James White, Marlene Griffin Season 1 Episode 30
FCPGM [Fight Coach, Psychotherapist, Gym Momma]
FCPGM030: The Roaring 20s?
Show Notes

In the aftermath of World War 1 and the Spanish Flu pandemic, the devastation of life, culture and economics was akin to a global forest fire. While irreparable and indescribable damage and suffering was inflicted, what was left behind was a metaphorical clearing, a gap for green shoots to reach for the light of the sun. Delicate sprouting leaves that would have previously struggled in the shade of crowded canopies were gifted an opportunity to get a head start in life. How can you position yourself to take advantage of the post-covid landscape and take part in the 21st century’s roaring 20’s?

FCPGM Challenges:
1. Marlene says: Shop Local and support your community
2. Liam-Og says: Evaluate your career to make sure you're in a position to catch the next wave
3. Jimmy says: Take a mental health audit:

Gym Momma's Quote:
"In the rush to get back to normal, use this time to decide which parts of normal are worth rushing back to"
- Dave Hollis

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