FCPGM [Fight Coach, Psychotherapist, Gym Momma]

FCPGM 023: How to deal with negative people

October 31, 2020 Season 1 Episode 23
FCPGM [Fight Coach, Psychotherapist, Gym Momma]
FCPGM 023: How to deal with negative people
Show Notes

Negativity, eternal pessimism, lazy body language, constant complaining, the poor mouth. I bet you even visualising those phrases has already begun to drain your energy. We encounter people with negative behaviours every single day and while we can choose to avoid some of those people, others, we may be stuck with, such as family, work colleagues, team members. Where does negativity come from and how can we prevent ourselves being affected by it. On today’s episode…. We’re going to look at tactics to deal with the moaning Myrtles of our lives. We need to be impervious to gloom so that we can keep on firing on all cylinders and not get dragged into a black hole.

Gym Mommas Quote of the Week:
"You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to"
- anon

Top Tips:

  1. Don't go head to head (learn to deflect and disarm)
  2. Empathise but don't take responsibility
  3. Set boundaries ["I don't want to talk about this topic anymore..."]
  4. Learn to redirect the conversation towards something more positive
  5. You're allowed to say nothing....
  6. Complainers... put them in charge
  7. Accept them for who they are
  8. Make sure to manage your own stress ("It's your heart attack")

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