FCPGM [Fight Coach, Psychotherapist, Gym Momma]

FCPGM 011: What can Dogs teach us about ourselves? (Rory Hennebry - Munster Canine)

July 27, 2020 Liam-Og Griffin, James White, Marlene Griffin, Rory Hennebry Season 1 Episode 11
FCPGM [Fight Coach, Psychotherapist, Gym Momma]
FCPGM 011: What can Dogs teach us about ourselves? (Rory Hennebry - Munster Canine)
Show Notes

Dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years and nowadays, they are truly top of the list when it comes to human/animal companion status. Whether it be seeing-eye dogs, guard dogs, emotional support dogs, sniffer dogs or mountain rescue dogs, it seems that human life would be very different without our 4 legged friends around. But what can we learn about ourselves and our relationships from canine psychology. In this episode, we’ll be talking to one of the country's top canine experts about dog psychology and what we can learn from it.

Rory Hennebry is founder of Munster Canine - a company specialising in breeding and training service dogs for military, rescue and companion aid. Make sure to follow Munster Canine on Instagram and Facebook with the following links:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/munstercanine/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Munster-Canine-868036533269258
Website: http://www.munstercanine.com/

Recommended Books:
"The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond" by Christopher Blazina, Güler Boyraz , David Shen-Miller https://amzn.to/32Z8AY6

Cujo is a 1981 psychological horror novel by American writer Stephen King about a rabid Saint Bernard

The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human, by Pat Shipman

If You Tame Me: Understanding Our Connection with Animals, by Leslie Irvine

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Gym Mommas Quote:

"Money can buy you a fine dog but only love can make him wag his tail" - Kinky Friedman

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